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How to Laser Cut and Etch Leather without Burning It – DIY Leather Craft Jewelry – Laser Tutorial

Using your laser on leather shouldn’t result in a crispy burnt craft piece! There is one simple thing you can do that will result in beautiful etchings and cuts ~ every time!


It couldn’t be more easy to Laser on Leather! There is just one simple trick you need to know so you don’t burn your leather or suede into a crispy fiery mess!

Step one – Cut down your leather to a size you want to etch on. If you want to laser cut your piece, make sure it will fit in your laser bed and lay completely flat.

Step two – Wet your leather! Simply put in a sink full of normal water and let it saturate for a little while and that’s it! This little trick will make sure your piece doesn’t flare up while the laser does what it does best! Tan leather will soak it up like a sponge, suede leather might take a little longer. It’s worth the wait!

Step three – Laser your piece as usual! In the video I go along my veg tan leather heart charm twice, to ensure a clean cut. The suede piece cuts a bit easier, as it is about half the thickness.

Step four – Clean up your etching or cut edges with a bit of a rinse. Some agitation from a brush will get out the goo left over from etching.

Step five – While your piece is still wet, it is a great time to use some Leather Dyes! You can dilute them for a softer color, or layer on for deeper tones. Do note that because your piece is still wet, it will appear darker than the final result.

Step six – Let dry and turn it into your next masterpiece! Layer with other charms and make beautiful jewelry! Inlay into intricate wood art to make a family heirloom! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. That’s a good idea to soak the leather in water. I feel like that would make it a lot harder to burn. I’ll make sure to do that if I need to laser cut some leather.

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