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Fourth of July Party Supply Pack – Free Laser Cut File Download

Summer is here and the celebration of our Independence has arrived! What better way to impress your family and friends but with custom Party Supplies you made with your laser! Even custom laser engraved Hot Dogs!

Download the FREE FILE HERE!


Once you have the Party Pack File downloaded, separate the files into the colors and materials you are going to use!

Confetti : Using plain paper or colorful construction paper, align a single sheet in your laser. Extremely low power, combined with faster speeds, will cut these out with minimal burning or flare ups.

Flag Sticks : Cut these flag sticks out of any type of acrylic, 1/8th or 1/16th inch in thickness. Give them a bit of a rinse and stick in burgers, cupcakes, you name it!

Star Forks : Cut the forks out of 1/8th inch thick acrylic of your chosen color, give a bit of a rinse, and these are ready to impress your guests no matter how good those hors d’oeuvres are!

Stir Sticks : Combine those little star shapes onto the top star of the stir sticks to give a 3 dimensional and added color effect! Use Sci-Grip #3 Water Thin Solvent Cement for a hidden, no ooze, professional finish!

Hot Dogs : The etching of the hot dogs will become more apparent after cooking (especially with fire). Customize your guests names on their dogs for an added level of pizzazz!

Lasers have infinite possibilities, whether it be for fun or profession! Either way, impress your friends this 4th of July with your Party Supply Skills!

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