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Custom Contoured Word Pendant Necklace – Inkscape Tutorial – How to Laser Cut Jewelry

Being able to make your own custom word pendants puts you on the top of jewelry fashion these days! Custom pendants are highly sought after. Make customized jewelry for your friends or for profit!


Step 1: Create your text in the font you would like. is my favorite website for free fonts.

Step 2: Under the Path tab in the header bar, select Object to Path while your text is selected to turn it into a Path.

Step 3: Adjust your letters to suit your design look and select all. Under the Path Menu select Union to combine your shapes into one.

Step 4: Using the paint bucket looking icon in the left menu bar, adjust your threshold to 15 and “grow/shrink by” to your desired number. Trial and error will result in your perfect setting!

Step 5: Delete all the arbitrary lines that reside on the inside of the outline.

Step 6: Place jump ring circles in areas you would like to hang your chain and/or jewelry findings.

Step 7: Laser it out!

Step 8: Clean it up with your Novus #2 and combine your layers with SciGrip #3 Solvent Cement.

Step 9: Fix with your desired jewelry findings and you are done!

Step 10: Share a picture of your creation and Tag me on instagram!

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